You've found me, now together let's find You.

Conflict is the Spark of Creation.
— Leoni

Stop being who others need you to be. That is what I have coined, “Hoop Jumping”.

Look at who you are and look at the conflict in your life and pivot, pivot, pivot to support who you really are.

Do it because we need you, all of us need you to be you. That’s not a threat that’s a truth.

If you can’t do it alone, that’s why I’m here. Ask for help.

As for me I am an artist and an intuitive who believes perspective is the key to understanding how to know ourselves. If we neutralize the playing field of life and learn to trust our intuition we’ll show who we fully are in life, especially this life.

I help my clients see the future solely to navigate it with more spiritual moxie than they thought possible. I bring them understated, subtle brilliance that shows them the patterns so they can pick up where I left off and see the patterns for themselves. This is the true beauty of the altruist who wants a win/win and wants to support you in doing it your way.


"Truly, if intuition and perception has a name, Its Amy Vasterling, the Intuitive Pathfinder!" -Dr. Sindhu Singh


Intuitive Readings

These 30 or 60 minute one-on-ones will help affirm and give insight into how to most dynamically step forward and see your life with clear perspective. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Biggest Lunch Ever

This monthly live event includes participation from YOU. It's all about neutralizing the playing field so we realize we aren't alone. CLICK HERE to learn much more.

Clarity Session

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Open Yourself to a World, which in Truth is all Yours