You've found me, now together let's find You.

Conflict is the Spark of Creation.
— Leoni

To me this quote, for many of us creates who we indeed are. However, the truth of who we are is arrived at through the truth.

I teach people how to trust themselves. I do this so you reach your outer limit on what you thought was possible in your life. One of the main importances and differences in what I share is I show you how to do it by creating pattern changes in an up-leveled way so you can more easily surpass what’s held you stuck and move along right into the future of who you are and who you are choosing to become.

Behold the power of intuition, wisdom and fire. Massive transformation, little effort, a lot of allowing.

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Nobody has the code on energy. What we need are influences in place of teachers. The reason is your ability to understand energy for yourself is a unique code to you and mine to me. If we have people teach us how their way works we’ll stay limited. If we have an influencer to help us have a rough understanding about energy, then we can draw our own relationship with it. The world needs more people who understand and activate their own way of doing things.

"Truly, if intuition and perception has a name, It’s Amy Vasterling, the Intuitive Pathfinder!" -Dr. Sindhu Singh


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