All Things Intuitive

Learn how intuition works from life experience

Your intuition can seem like a mystery because it is not linear-logical. It takes seeing it in action to put the puzzle pieces together. Once you trust this you’ll easily use it. These workshops are designed around enhancing your understanding of your intuition and how the human syncs with the spiritual. These video conference events will include 15-30 minutes of presentation about the topic and then a Q&A. The cost is $5 per event.

This series All Things Intuitive is generally held the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7pm CST (excluding holiday months or if it conflicts with my travel schedule). The next two event titles below are linked to the sign up, simply click on the title(s) you desire.

Intuitive Eating - Oct 2018, Intuitive Parenting - Nov 2018, Is Your Belly a Source of Shame? Dec 2018 (These past events can be purchased for $5 or are free to you if you’re in the membership group)

  1. Meditation - Tool #1 of the spiritual toolkit Jan 2019 - January 30th 2019 (7pm CST)

  2. Your Healing Journey: Navigating it for wellness Feb 2019 - February 27th (7pm CST)

  3. Dealing with the fear,  the pathway beyond it? March 2019

  4. Self-Expression why do we hold back and what does it have to do with guilt?  April 2019

Can’t make the event in person? No problem! Sign up for the workshop, then send your question to me at and I’ll address your question at the event and send you a replay link.