Anxious Children Study

Finding the pattern in Anxiety among our youth

Is your child struggling to feel safe? Are they attached to outcome and feel too much pressure to perform? 

Are you at a loss to help them? Had everybody given you many solutions and it doesn't work or partially does
yet, it's time consuming or creates stress for you the parent?

I am asking an array of parents of anxious children

I have a suspicion that there is a way to communicate with child
I also believe there are approximately 5 ways anxiety is being created in children. 

Anxiety is created from kids who feel rejected. 

This manifests in them feeling like they have to be somebody else or do it the way another wants in order to be accepted. Therefore, they release their inner voice to those around them, constantly looking for ques on how to behave, do it the "correct way". 


Parents are trying to help children be their best. So we can tend to uplevel every situation with them to "make them have an edge." This edge we think we're giving them is forcing efficiency in place of self-discovery. This is not working. 



If I don't act this way at school kids will reject me and I'll feel horrible. 


Hoop jumping

Trying to fit in vs. be yourself



Are you struggling? Maybe something doesn't feel like it fits, maybe you feel like you don't fit, yet you don't know why? Or maybe you're confused about your life purpose, your relationships or just feel stuck? If this is you, I may be able to help. 

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