The Biggest Lunch Ever

Fun over your lunch hour, once a month

What in the name of all that is good and holy is the Biggest Lunch Ever? 

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I need to know WAY more before I sign up.
Ok, I was in a playful space wondering how to pair my creativity and my ability to read energy when I realized if I invited everybody to lunch they'd feel welcome to share their own inner life with me, possibly me as a stranger. Why? Because we're having lunch. 

What happens at the Biggest Lunch Ever Stays at the Biggest Lunch Ever except that it's available on the internet so really everybody is going to know.

The Purpose:

To bring people together and share their quirky, awkward, fun or silly selves. 

How it works:

I'll send an email asking for responses to a monthly theme. Then on the 2nd Tuesday of the month I'll share some antics and read these responses live on a private facebook group called "The Glint, Being Brave Enough to Be Your." This will happen at 12pm CST. 

Why you might participate:

Because you are looking for your people and for a bit of fun. You desire to "neutralize the playing field" and see you are not so different from others who span all over the world. In time we could even have lunch together. I'm serious! I'm aiming to go out to share this lunchtime with people I barely know and be on location, in their town. So this could be your town, get in touch if this is something you'd like to know more about.

So to participate, sign up for my Biggest Lunch Ever email list by CLICKING HERE and respond to my themes so I can read yours on the Biggest Lunch Ever.