What the New York Times Forgot to Tell You about Personal Purpose

You already know that anchoring into your personal purpose is a powerful act. It has the power to propel you into achieving your dreams within your everyday life. The “superstars” of our world do this all the time. (Think Warren Buffet, Michael Phelps, heck, Oprah!)

I recently shared a great article by the New York Times that discussed this secret. But they forgot one vital thing.

This is hard to do!

First, you have to become crystal clear on your purpose and values. Which can be a challenge in and of itself! Then you have to struggle with fear, overwhelm, and the noise of daily life. These factors can drown out your purpose and pull you miles off target. Even your best intentions can fall apart.

If you find yourself nodding your head right now, then you are not alone. In fact, you’re part of the majority!

I know that when I started making big steps in my life, I was petrified by having to hold the power in my hands. I wanted to drop that shit like a hot potato! But, I knew I HAD to meet it. I HAD to keep going regardless of the fear. It was the only way I could step fully onto my path and live the life that I dreamed of living.

I’m happy to say that things are different now! When I set my sights on a goal, meeting it has become a much smoother process. I wake up each day feeling fulfilled by the work that I choose to do in this world. Communication (even the tricky, icky stuff) is so much easier. Why? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about! I want to share with you some secrets so that you can get here too!

To Live Out Your Dreams, Connect With Your Dream

It’s a crazy phenomenon, but when you begin to connect with your purpose, your dreams begin to unfold. Why is this? I believe that it comes down to loving and accepting your innate being. The person you were sent here to be before everyone else started telling you what you "should" be doing.

It is unconditional self-acceptance that gives you the wings you need to fly. No more contorting to the whims of those around you. No more taking responsibility for the happiness of others. No more trying to support people that you just can’t carry.

When you take on this deep and unequivocal love for yourself you become FREE. This leaves your soul free to sparkle, shine, and dazzle those around you.

And guess what? This makes others crave your company because they see the spark you hold. On some level they know it is infectious. (In all the non-disgusting ways, of course.)

They also begin to support you in ways that you never imagined or expected. It becomes nothing less than magical.

Sometimes You Need Help to Lift The Veil and So You Can Look Inside

So here’s the deal. I happen to know that as a member of my tribe, you’re a smart cookie. Because those are the people I work with--smart women! There is a place inside of you that knows exactly what you want. But you probably aren’t quite there just yet. (Don’t worry, we’ll get you there!)

The first thing you need is a little help lifting the veil--especially on those days when it feels like a tarp. Let’s get it out of your eyes so you can see every detail of what you want and (most important!) the path to actualizing it in your life.

If you want to be free, empowered, and joyful, you aren’t going to get there by reading a bunch of books. Searching within and digging deep might get you closer, but they aren’t the key either.

You get there by  heeding the call from within.

It’s hard to hear sometimes. I can’t tell you how many times I knew something and didn’t follow it because my head said something else. Each time, I sat and watched everything around me come crumbling down. My only regret was that I knew the missing link but had ignored it!

My genuine advice to you:

Don’t ignore the call!

If you aren’t sure what the call sounds like or how to feel it within, let’s talk. I will support you in learning how to hear it so you can go back to living life with eyes wide open. Support will begin appear in your life. Support that seems so magical that you will decide that it HAD to come directly from the loving heart of the universe itself.

The good news is that once you tune into that voice, it's actually simple to follow it. We are the ones who make it feel complex and unwieldy. We are the ones who attach our expectations. We are the ones who keep trying so dang hard all the time. The voice is simple to heed.

Your solution is to connect with a supportive community.

Specifically, a conscious community that also knows the secret to listening to their voice. This community will help you to activate your self-discoveries so you can bring about true change. (Because what use is knowledge in a vacuum?)

In a community like this, everyone is on a parallel journey that is undeniably their own. They will support you in the experience of becoming solid in the knowledge of how YOU operate. They will have your back. You’ll finally feel safe enough to speak your mind, share your genuine being, and find comfort in your own skin. 

Instead of ignoring the voice, it will become easy to take the "risk" to listen and heed your inner guidance.

When you follow your soul’s guidance without censure or judgment you will see that you can have it all. It all comes from you! You just need a little support to get there. It’s been right there hiding in you all along.

So let’s polish your brightly burning soul and show it off to the world!


Come embrace the support you deserve! Learn step-by-step how to translate the message that your soul’s been sending! To learn more about how The Women’s Labyrinth can connect you to a community of like-minded women, read more here.  

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