What is Enlightenment? (One Vital Piece to the Puzzle)

What is Enlightenment?

Those of you who stumble across this page are on a massive journey. You are on your own personal Odyssey of Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a big word--and I'm not referring to length. It’s a big word because it describes a powerful force. Many spiritual leaders agree that it is the purpose of life itself. But yet, enlightenment is not an idea that is easily defined. 

The fullest meaning of "enlightenment" is something that you must experience to know. I will not claim to be able to completely unpack its meaning here, but I would like to shed some light on it. Because for many of you, it is an attainable goal.

There is one insight that I believe is vital...

In enlightenment you embrace change rather than running from it. 

Yes, there are times where change can create pain. You know this. But you don't hide from it, because you know that it is always pain with a greater purpose.

Life is impermanent. As you cross that threshold toward enlightenment you come to accept this more and more. Enlightenment is the quality that enables you to embrace this constant state of change.

When you can embrace change you develop the ability to transition and grow faster. Suddenly the gap from 'where you are' to 'where you could be' is bridged. When fear no longer blocks progress, this happens with ease. Then, as you come to trust your journey, you are able to step out onto greater heights.

This journey often unfolds as a calling toward purpose. There is also a need to share the insights you gain on your way to living that purpose.

As you move into that process you begin by looking and searching for what is true for you. Yet you will never find it seeking outside of yourself. Instead you must learn the process to find the answers within. You already have jewels nestled deep within you. You need only be taught how to bring them forth so they can finally shine in the light.

Enlightenment also represents the movement from seeker into teacher. You began as a seeker, searching for answers. And you found some. As you move into enlightenment you will naturally feel drawn to sharing what you have learned. 

As you share this wisdom you can help to light the way for those who follow. But sharing also reactivates the remembrance of who YOU are on a soul level. It becomes about experiencing the undeniable truth that you have something to offer. Something that can only come from you.

This experience is the catalyst that activates you into authentic self-expression. Self-expression that will ultimately connect you to YOUR purpose of achieving enlightenment.



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