Did you put on your Spiritual Muck Boots?

Does it appear your life is getting a little gangly? Are you having the feeling like you’d like to remove the loose threads? If yes, you’re not alone. We are learning to use our voices and in this process we will have situations that are not pleasing to us arrive.


Each time we say no or create a boundary using our voice we may feel like a little bit of muck has landed on our boots making our journey feel a bit heavier because we don’t want to hurt someone. However, what we desire out weights worrying about the muck on the boots, get dirty, let them get all “gunked up” with mud and everything else you might find along the way. It is very important that we stay away from lamenting or getting mad and instead restate what is true for us now.


In my own life I am finding there is great clarity that has come with these “No’s”. I can see the fullness of what is happening and why the no is so right. It has mostly to do with empowering people now vs. how I have unknowingly been enabling them.


We’re pruning our lives over the next few months. Do you want lovely hedges that are well manicured or your garden to be overgrown, gangly and unruly? You decide and take action. I look forward to jumping in the spring puddles with you to clean off our boots together just a few months from now.


Amy VasterlingComment