The Power of Abundance in 2017

This year of 2017 is one about Abundance! Thank goodness, right? Can we finally let down our guard and can enjoy life, receiving it’s riches? In some ways it is this easy. I am writing this to remind you to keep your eye on the larger piece that makes this true.

We are removing lack thinking from our society fiber by fiber. This is our current cause and perhaps why the presidential election in America went the way it did, revealing and exposing the hatred and it’s depth. While that is ugly, by not exposing this it IS our road back to love. 

Abundant thinking and action leads the way for acceptance. I think we all can agree we need more of this. There is one core component to this that is also the core theme for 2017. I’ll be speaking on Thursday January 12th at 2pm CST 75 minutes ($29) sharing the core component and how to navigate it for 2017. Here’s what's happening on the call:

-Information about the year’s core theme and how to navigate it energetically    with ease.
-Group Guided Meditation.

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Amy VasterlingComment