Defining Intuition

Intuition needs a school house rock song to define and explain it. While I'm not going to write a savvy song rivaling the ones I recall about grammar as a child, i can define it for you and give you some examples to start seeing it's presence in your own life. 

So do you ever wonder how to define intuition? So did I. It wasn’t until I had worked with energy for many years, and by then had read for a bevy of people when intuition seemed to define itself for me. While I’m not going give you the full answer just yet, I’ll give you some ideas to think about with your own intuition.

Several years ago a man was ringing me up at a Trader Joe’s store. This check out person inquired about my day and I shared I had just come from teaching an art class. His shoulders lowered, his head too, he leaned in toward me as though he was going to ask me if I might know where he could get some drugs. Then he said, “I saw this artist who, for 15 years, worked and her crowning achievement was a canvas painted all yellow.” Then he trash-talked it, before leaning in again and quietly asking me “Is this good art?” I stopped my rapid bagging and looked him in the eye and asked, “Did it move you?” He dramatically backed off saying, “Noooooooo!” To which I replied, “Then it doesn’t matter whether it is good art or not, what matters is that this art is not for you.”

See, we all seem to believe that there is some kind of distinct code to our lives, and the strange truth is there is; but this code is unique to each of us. This makes intuition unique to every individual person it stems from, something people often overlook.

Many years prior to this I was at a corporate job. Yes, once upon a time, I worked one too! Once while working there, my friend came in all a-bubble sharing his big news, he and his partner purchased a piece of art by Marc Chagall. Knowing I was an artist he begged me to come see it to share his joy. Later that week I did go see it.

When I walked into the room it was clear the entire space was dedicated to this prize item. It stood front and center across the room, framed larger than life for this relatively small piece. My friend and his partner’s jaws were gnashing for praise and affirmation, however, I paused and what came from my mouth even surprised me. I told them the story about the piece, and the world it had come from. The tension of their desire fell away, and their shoulders relaxed. My friend grabbed my arm to turn me his way asking, “How could you know this about this piece?” I said, “I can see it.”

They couldn’t believe I could see that from this more remote image of Chagall’s. I could have shrugged it off with them but I knew inside “I knew” it was right and there was absolutely no need for me to prove it or show it, I just said it without thought. It actually was one of the more beautiful moments with my intuition and a good example of how intuition works, it’s subtle, concise, and easy.

I hope these stories illustrate some examples on how intuition works and I now want to share how I define intuition. I define it as “If everything is connected, therefore everything can be connected.” This code is greater defined to help you understand the full power of that statement and how it relates to intuition as a practice.

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