Surrender to the "You Can't"

Let’s face it, there are many people in your life who have told you “You Can’t”. This statement, judgment and thought comes from lack vs. abundance. To me, holy cow it seems like this winter into spring has been all about abundance….because BOY have we been addressing LACK! I don’t know about you, however in my life I’ve been going deep getting to the core of my most important relationship, my relationship with me. While productive, it’s not been easy!

Much like food abundance is a necessary energy to include in our life. We’ve been taught to look at what lacks, whether in business, from family or other places and in many cases it came from not wanting us to get hurt. However, we won’t get hurt if we’re abundant, that is simply fear.

So how do you bring abundance into your life? Here are some unexpected ways more abundance has revealed itself in my life, without effort.

I teach from a place where I know “my client knows best” I’ve challenged myself for years to operate all on my own, all by myself. In this I forgot to ask for help and then it became a story that there is no help. So I started asking for help and with those who were not used to me asking for help I would state to them, “I really need this help and I need you to understand the help I am asking for.” Then I’d tell them and ask them to say it back to me or ask questions if it wasn’t clear to them. Yes, they would give me a funny look but it helped me know we were “on the same page” ultimately allowing me to feel safe so I would ask again and even bigger follow through on the project where I needed help instead of getting stuck in some story I was telling myself.

This process of asking, using good communication has helped me realize “we can”. We need support and while I believe we must find the answers within, once we have the answers it’s time to follow them and ask for the appropriate support to get our needs met.

As for me, I am getting the support I need and it is changing my world! I wish the same for you. If there is a way I can support you reach out to me, I’m here for you!

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