The Kardashians, the Crown and US Government

It’s possible I’ve mentioned this before in a reading with you or even part of it in a blog post. Some time ago I watched the mini series The Crown. I never realized the purpose of the royal family, yet watching this show it revealed the Queen mother is a sovereign, or having ultimate power and she is the watchdog for the government.

I walked away and thought why doesn’t America have a watchdog? Then I thought about if America put a family in as royalty, it would be the Kardashians. We are arching far into the masculine story of money over experience, control over allowing and judgment over trust.

In this many are struggling to find their power in place of acting out a story. I see it in my own life and I see it the many clients who read with me. Powerful people are confused as to why things not changing at a more swift rate.

I understand. I understand so much that as you watch my business I will open a door in the coming months to experiences to allow you to engage, laugh and get your creativity going, and most importantly, get clear.

Women’s Labyrinth enrollment opened yesterday Wednesday June 21st. In an effort to create the greatest person within you and truly allow America to be amazing through balance, we are all looking to you to self-express. Need support to get there? Sometimes we need support to get where we’re headed. July’s Women’s Labyrinth enrollment just opened up. In a Labyrinth find the support you need and the empowerment you deserve.

CLICK HERE to learn about it, sign up for a sample session, take a quiz (midway on the page) to see if it’s the right match for you or set up a clarity conversation with me so you can be sure it’s going to take you where you desire to head.

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