What does your Silly Savant Want?

I'm a savant at being silly.

My savant gets to say things like, "Grand Theft Auto is a felon simulator."

I'm allowing her out on a longer leash. Three weeks ago, she bit her husband a few times over a few days. Now that's over, I think he's grateful. She bites her kids too.

This week my SS (silly savant) set up an uproariously funny adventure for next week, which I'll be sharing all with you Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2018. Crowns, glory and the original recycler will present a case for learning through laughter. Join me at the Biggest Lunch Ever to see the silly savant in action.

 Get into your OWN silly. How do you do that?

I was teaching at a women's retreat where I overheard a woman using a southern accent. She and I bantered for 40 minutes talking like southerners. I was from North Carolina. She from South Virginia. We went through a myriad of ways I was better suited to be partnered with Billy John over her. People did stare.

I learned years before through using an accent and getting my silly on how to have authentic anger with my kids. It was through play I found something I'd never been taught or was modeled for me and something I desperately wanted to learn.

How does your silly transform you? How does it transform how you relate to others?

Go find out! Report back either here or Join us on FB on "The Glint Being Brave Enough to be You."

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