Engaging Your Intuition
Come open yourself to a world, which in truth is all yours! 


"Intuition is not an overt telling of information but a subtle, gentle transfer of information upon which we build."   -Amy


How do you know it's time to learn about this innate ability?

  • You are curious to learn how to turn this ability on and off. 
  • You want to gain clarity on how it works so you can use it for yourself or share it with others.
  • You are struggling to TRUST yourself and desire guidance.
  • You had an experience that frightened you and would like to understand how to work with your ability through your power.
  • You have had an experience where you can't put words to it and now want to confirm and understand it.
  • You need support to take it to the next level.
  • You want a community where you're encouraged to speak about this, where people are open and willing to share their stories too.
  • You are ready to have support in this journey to open yourself most fully to your intuition.
"intuition is not an overt telling of information but a subtle,gentle transfer of information upon which we build."   -Amy Your intuition likely drew you here, now it's time to follow it.      

"intuition is not an overt telling of information but a subtle,gentle transfer of information upon which we build."   -Amy

Your intuition likely drew you here, now it's time to follow it.


Your desire to take your intuition further is what brought you.....

....Because you are ready to understand more about your innate ability.

Are you ready for a way to take it to the next level?
This workshop shares in depth ways to engage with your intuition and navigate this powerful ability.
You'll gain confidence and understanding about how to recognize and work with intuition at a much deeper level.


Here's what others are saying......


Loving what you’re seeing, ready to tap into your own intuition?

Package A  $599 

Item #1 Audio Module Learning Series 1-6
Item #2 MP3 Trusting Your Intuition
Item #3 MP3 Opening to your higher functioning Brain
Item #4 MP3 Engaging Your Intuition
Item #5 Divination Tools Video
Item #6 Audio Module Notes PDF
Item #7 How to Intuitively Read Mandalas Video Exericse
Item #8 Quiz to reinforce the learning


Package B includes everything in package A plus what's below for $699

Items # 1-8 +
Item #9 Tools of the Heart MP3 - 30 minutes
Item #10 55 Minute One-on-one Coaching Session with Amy


A new well-supported phase is about to begin in your life!


        You've got the key, will you use it?

        You've got the key, will you use it?

Listen to what others have to say about their experiences...

“My life has completely changed after meeting Amy. I have been on a lifelong quest to figure out "what to believe" (God, religion, etc). Amy has introduced me to a whole other spectrum that includes SO much more.”

~ Jill M. H.

I can't believe the changes I've had since learning about intuition and how it works from Amy. Her perspective shatters the concepts I've heard others share on this topic. I am a curious learner and always in search of the most cutting edge ideas about anything. Exploring this area of Intuition, which most of my life was taboo Amy has opened my eyes wide about the full potential and importance of our intuition not just as a tool but as a way of life. I can confidently say my life is changed for having gained this knowledge from Amy. While I may be slow to activate it fully I feel confident and trust how it works and how to engage it as I feel comfortable to do so! Amy's laid the foundation for so much more for me, I am grateful.    -Linda Ring


I had a powerful overarching take away from the Engaging Your Intuition learning modules.  I related instantly to Amy's description of an intuitive, yet would never have had the words to articulate it that concisely. It was also a relief to learn why my mind has always worked quickly to find solutions to problems. Now that I understand this I don’t feel so alone, it took some pressure off me in a way I didn’t expect. The audio modules also gave me piece of mind and clarified the experiences I was having. What a relief!

I also am happy I learned that even if what I’m getting is not clear in the moment the process in which things fall into place allow me to see just how my own intuition works. Thanks Amy!            -Amber H.

 Work at your own pace!


Package A:
Audio Learning Modules 1-6, (3) MP3's, Divination Tools video, Audio Module Notes PDF, Reading Mandalas Video, Quiz (9 total items). $799

Package B:
Package A + Tools of the heart MP3 + 55 Min One-on-one $914


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