Free Online CoWorking Wednesdays 10-1pm CST

A supportive way to get things completed

Work from home and find that you’d like to accomplish more? You get stuck because you don’t know where or how to take the next step? Then join us! This free Online CoWorking event is for anyone working to accomplish something, anything.

You could be Self employed, a Stay at Home Parent or Working from home for a company.

We’ll convene at 10am on Zoom each week where we’ll start by checking in and sharing what you’ll be working on. Then you may leave the call and go work for the
next 90 minutes until 11:30am and rejoin us. When we reconvene at 11:30am you’ll share what you accomplished and what you’ll work on next. Then we’ll meet up again at 1pm. JOIN US ON ZOOM Wednesdays 10-1pm.

What people have discovered from Online CoWorking:

-They got the “dirty” work done the night before because then they could work on something fun during these hours

-They got more done than they expected because they felt accountability because of being in a group setting.

-They celebrated their success, normally they’d just move on and get stressed feeling like nothing was accomplished.

-They learned a thing or two about their work style and realized that with 3 hours of solid work they had more time for a truly refreshing break they felt they really deserved.

Make this part of your work week. We chose “hump day” for a reason! If your week is off to a slow start, get invigorated through support.

Amy also has an extension to this event on Mondays where if you are struggling to solve a problem in your business, whether you have a tricky client you need to get back to and keep putting it off or you are stuck on how to bring clients your way or you are a parent who has a situation with a child that just popped up and you need help figuring out what to do. If yes, fill out my clarity form.