The Women's Labyrinth June 2017 Homework assignment page

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 June 2017


Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 1:

Ready? Yes you are! 
Here is assignment #1. Did your hands just start sweating? Don’t fear, this is fun “homework.” Don’t take it too seriously, what’s most important is you answer the questions and start. Then at your small group the greater pieces are likely to come forward. In this exercise I am trying to show you how community supports ideas. It shares perspective and experience, which helps everybody grow.
Answering these questions helps you start the process of looking at your life and who you are and what your mission in life is through how you see yourself-
 1) Who are you?
 2) What do you do?
 3) Why do you do it?

a) Answer as though they are core answers for your mission in life. (for now….remember you just need a starting point)

You may answer these questions from the perspective of each facet of your life, just one, a few or all in one. That’s up to you!
1) Career
2) Relationship
3) Health
4) Spiritual life
5) Life Purpose
You add more…….
Here’s an example:
Who are you? (It’s ok to use only one core attribute or use a statement)
"I am Wisdom"
"I am Organized and Efficient"
What do you do? (Sentence or statement)
"I share and impart wisdom and values with my community"
"In an organized and clear way I activate my community to greater purpose"
Why do you do it?
"To support my community through my vision"
"To help my community stay connected and move forward collectively."

If you struggle with the exercise, just start writing. Write anything on the page and keep going without thought, you might write Blah, blah, blah….just to keep writing. Then when truer words arrive, don’t stop and do not judge them. Just keep writing, the even more true words will show up!
Go even deeper-
What does this knowing about who I am promote in our world?
"Acceptance of our emotions and self"
"Connection and resilience"
How do I promote this in our world?
"Through staying authentic people trust me and my energy, let’s face it my journey has taught me to be humble, vulnerable and powerful."
Bring your answers to your small group coaching call.
Coming up is your small group coaching call, please note:
1) Make sure you have the time and date for the call. (Your group facilitators will be in touch.)
2) Make sure you have the number to dial-in for your group call. (Your facilitator will send you this via email.)
3) Have your homework ready to share. Don’t be shy, this is your chance to express your thoughts in an environment that supports you! Go for it!
4) In your small group, each person needs time to share so setting a timer when it’s your turn can be a great way to keep things moving.
5) There are no wrong answers. You may have a group-mate who is stuck and is wrestling to figure things out in their life, or maybe that’s you! It is ok, share what you can now and maybe bring it back to the group with your ideas next month. Challenge yourself but never push by just “saying anything”. Instead make it count! Share some of your ideas and if you’re not feeling it? You just might need some time to figure it all out.

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