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Name to sign up for membership

I'm finally doing it and I'll hope you'll join me. I have looked at the sweetest spot of what I do and am offering an (easy for you) online membership group.

Here's how it works:

1) The first week of the month you'll receive an audio recorded reading sharing the energy arcs for the month, what to expect and how to navigate them (Approx 20mins).

2) The second week of the month is optional. If you choose to participate I'll pair you with another member or two and you'll do a monthly 60 minute live phone conversations to answer questions I've sent as a conversation starter and to find support and connection with others seeking similar spiritual understanding within their lives.

3) Lastly, the third week of the month we'll have a live large group call where I'll answer your specific questions that are emailed to me ahead of time or were revealed in your small group calls. These calls will be at a time decided upon by the group and then we'll stick with this going forward. If you need to miss a call I'll be recording it and will send each member the recording link.

And the best part is It's only $69 a month.

If this feels like a good match for your life and "you're in" sign up on the form to the right, then I'll send you an invoice, once paid your first audio will arrive via email.

And.....don't miss these extra perks too......

A) Discounted Readings for each month you're a paid member. You can even give the reading as a gift for a friend or loved one. (You also get priority scheduling so if I'm booked up I'll open spots for you.) 50 minute reading is $89 for members.

B) We also can include "Action Days." I leave this up to the group and will mention it several times a year.

What's an action day?
Have lots to accomplish in your home or business but can't seem to get to it? This is a day where we meet on Zoom by internet video connection each 90 minutes. We touch base at 10am CST and then come back each 90 minutes reporting back with what we accomplished. Trust me, these action days get the job done by holding you accountable. Also, by "co-working" with others you feel refreshed a bit to act on your projects, which may include; cleaning out all of the closets, straightening the garage, getting your family photos in order, writing those proposals, blog posts, articles, stories you've been putting off. Could also be used for creative pursuits, spend 90 minutes painting, then writing, then drawing, etc. It's the perfect way to have a productive day!

Those who wish to participate will choose the day together for the event. I'm open to doing 4 per year. It is not mandatory to be at any or all of these events.