The Intuitive Path Membership Group

Get an accurate monthly picture of how the energy will impact your life

I'm hell-bent on seeing you thrive. Wouldn't it be nice if you could anticipate what was coming next in life? Or have the code on how to navigate situations with the clarity to help support your life decisions?

By being a member you'll:

- Receive personal attention
- Understand current changes that are afoot so you can navigate like the cool kid. 
- Accept and open yourself to what you what you always knew was true for you.
- Receive clarity and guidance that supports the current moment in your journey.

If you are a bit quirky or creative (that could be non-traditionally creative) and you know without a doubt you aim to "go all the way" in life to your highest extent for you, you're in the right place. 

Maybe you've searched and sought, and can no longer gain the same comfort from this effort or result, then you've met your match! This is my sweet spot where I meet you at the mid-point of your awakening journey. I'm here to support you with clarity to help you renew, trust, and understand your desires to be you, "full version". 

Let's reach your passion through supporting the mental and emotional parts of you. Helping you understand and have access to the energy patterns at each moment of the year. Ready to launch yourself to connect more deeply with you?



To be part of the membership group here are the logistics, each month you'll receive:

1) Audio 1: An intuitive reading about the month as a whole, which is broken down by week, by theme and by notable points as well. 
2) Audio 2: This is a intuitive reading on a general or universal topic to help give you a different perspective and grow you spiritually.
3) Large Group Live Call: Each month you'll have a live call where your individual questions can be asked. These calls are limited to no more than 8 members.

BONUS: #4 Priority access to one-on-one readings at a discounted rate of $89.
BONUS: #5 Intuitive Development group meetings via zoom.
BONUS: #6 Private login page where you can listen to all posted "General Theme Readings" ever made!


Membership is $59 per month. 
Subscribe for a 12 month period and receive one month for free. ($708).

Feels like a match to you? Sign up here:

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And.....don't miss these extra perks too.....

Action Days-

What's an action day?
Have lots to accomplish in your home or business but can't seem to get to it? This is a day where we meet on Zoom by internet video connection each 90 minutes. We touch base at 10am CST and then come back each 90 minutes reporting back with what we accomplished. Trust me, these action days get the job done by holding you accountable. Also, by "co-working" with others you feel refreshed a bit to act on your projects, which may include; cleaning out all of the closets, straightening the garage, getting your family photos in order, writing those proposals, blog posts, articles, stories you've been putting off. Could also be used for creative pursuits, spend 90 minutes painting, then writing, then drawing, etc. It's the perfect way to have a productive day!

Those who wish to participate will choose the day together for the event. I'm open to doing 4 per year. It is not mandatory to be at any or all of these events.



What others are saying-

I listened to the audio reading for the month and everything you had to say is spot on!!! Your comments for the group were so right on about how I'm feeling now about life, work, finances and relationships! Your analogy about my boyfriend having carabiners in his chest and un-hooking them made so much sense!  Especially since his family has a history of attending Sundance on the Rosebud reservation in SD.  I feel as if I am getting so much from this 2018 group...can't wait for the rest of the year with you!        -Cindy W.  (wisconsin)