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About Amy, the Intuitive Pathfinder

I’m an intuitive reader, teacher and internationally sought speaker and my goal is to remind you about your truth. I’m an experienced clairvoyant able to tune in to Universal energy. I can see clearly and quickly what’s keeping you stuck and advise you how to shift your energy patterns all done in a supportive, positive and revealing way. 

After two decades of reading energy, I’ve honed my craft of seeing raw details to create a useful, profound plan of action you couldn’t have envisioned. I bring my kindhearted, playful nature to each reading and the creative way I see the world offers you uncompromised perspective. My natural connection to the guide realm is seen through playfulness and the deep wisdom I share during a client session. 

Two of my favorite things are complete opposites: a bustling city and the quiet woods. Growing up in Minneapolis, MN offered space for both of these desires to be fulfilled. As well as being an intuitive reader, I’m an artist and earned a BA from Hamline University with a major in Fine Art and minor in religion. Additionally, I trained in Level Three Spring Forest Qigong.

Contributing to my life experiences are my husband, daughter, son and two cats. I enjoy cross-country skiing, bicycling, breakfast with friends, reading and knitting.

How I realized I was able to read energy

When I was 7 years old I saw something and luckily I never said anything about it until I was an adult. At 16 and around 21 my body moved without me moving it and saved me from having something stolen and getting a parking ticket.

As I reached my mid-twenties premonitions or seeing/knowing something before it happened would arrive more and more. These were not of much consequence. I would share would come to share these premonitions with my husband stating things like, "We'll be at a coffee shop and a book will fall of the table." Then two weeks later that would happen. I used to think this was happening so he trusted it but in my mid-thirties I realize it was so I would trust it through his eyes. 

By 27 years old I saw I was to die at age 34. This stopped me in my tracks. I had nowhere to run or hide from it, I had to figure out EXACTLY what this meant. The fear drove me to get a handle on my ability to read energy, I learned how to turn it on and off and better interpret and understand the messages as they came. I'm happy to report I have well surpassed age 34 and what it was about is a spiritual rebirth. In 2006 new energy was opening to our world and I needed (without having a clue) to be ready to read for others supporting them through their own spiritual coming of age in this new energy. This is what I offer you is my wisdom, open mindedness and very "Amy" approach to spirituality.