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About Amy, the Intuitive Pathfinder

Things which grow in intensity need to be addressed. This was the case with my natural relationship with my intuition. One could say we each have intuition and can tap into it to sense what’s what. That “one” is right.

It’s safe to say my intuition is now strong and powerful.

My passion for public speaking on living a passionate life has a “get off your perch and fly” approach. Littered with quirky illustration and bubbly fun, it’s where I want to be. Speaking to those who need a boost to recall their own intuition, inner voice or creative genius and clinch the passion they may now shove away with coffee and donuts and idle conversation.

I like cookies a lot, so I traded my polished image in of my nearly thirty years of cross country ski-skating career for downhill in 2018. I am a bicycle enthusiast who purposely meets friends for breakfast in cities different than my own. I have a knitting group called Twisted Stitches. I also volunteer for a cat rescue organization helping them, well, get organized and fostering cats or kittens once in awhile too. I have one cat of my own and two kids and one husband, who are all pretty great!