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Things which grow in intensity need to be addressed. In this case, like the quote on the first page of this website, my intuitive experience started with conflict that sparked the creation of my awareness to attend to it.

While I’d had experiences when I was little, I had nothing like what happened in my 20’s! It taught me everything I know over two decades later.

It’s safe to say my intuition is now strong and powerful.

My passion is for public speaking and teaching about intuition and the status quo challenging ways I see life.

In you I will be able to in time help you gently recall your own intuition and trust it. When you work with me or have a reading, I find in many of my clients it only takes them a few sessions to clinch their ability.

I don’t teach you how intuition works, I teach you how to work with your own. That’s important to me and in everything I do I impart wisdom while supporting you to seeing how things work and how you can think differently about situations so you can truly understand them.

I’ve been a cross country skier for almost 40 years many of those I ski-skated, I recently added downhill skiing to my repertoire. I am a bicycle enthusiast who purposely meets friends for breakfast in cities different than my own. I have a knitting group called “Twisted Stitches” but now am reconsidering calling “Black Sheep Knitters United.” I have one cat who I generally speak to in a Scottish accent and two kids and one husband, who are pretty great!