One Day Retreats

Come rejuvenate, find wisdom within and share yours

It may feel hard to find our personal center these days. We may often find ourselves questioning a lot of things we’re experiencing or seeing in our world. These retreat days are designed to help you refuel and center yourself as well as take tools away from the event that help keep you centered.

We want you to be you without restraint, and if you can do it here, we are confident you can bring that part of you out to the world too. Gathering at these events brings you to people who accept the differences between the ideas of others, (and will likely revel in them!)

These retreats are for people looking to neutralize the playing field of life, share wisdom, and discover the resources to access their own personal power.

As teachers we are here to support, see, and hear you, as well as have conversation around the things you wish to gain deeper understanding about.

At each retreat there will be a opening mediation and energy clearing to help you shed the heavy pieces of your life to see yourself more freely. It's important to live your journey rather than endure it. It’s through sharing our vulnerability where the magic begins.

Sunday January 13th 10-3pm Comfort & Nurture Retreat
I’ll (Amy Vasterling) open the retreat with a guided meditation. Then Kim Slaker will be teaching next about personal Reiki techniques to help you heal. (See below for more details) Then we’ll have an open discussion forum where you’ll be given questions to think about and may share your ideas in a small group, then if you desire the large group. After that a light lunch will be provided and in the afternoon I’ll do a 30 minute group reading about the entire year, afterward supplies will be provided for you to spend a few hours making a vision board for what you want to see happen, in your life or the world in 2019.

Kimberly Slaker is a seasoned reiki practitioner who makes her clients feel amazing! (Bio Below)
Amy is a long time intuitive reader who helps people be themselves in a more innate to their nature way.

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$75 (Early bird discount $10 off until Dec 21st use code Early Bird 1)

These retreats are held at:
Held at Art Works Eagan 3795 Pilot Knob Rd Eagan, MN 55122

Tell your friends about the event. There is nothing more magic than word of mouth.


“It's easy to love ourselves when we are in a state of being calm, playful and curious.”


Details about Kim’s Reiki Teaching on January 13th

What is Energy Healing? The first portion of this class we will be exploring what Energy Healing is and is not. We will also review three different modalities of energy healing Reiki, Healing Touch and Qigong. The last half of the class you will learn a Healing Touch technique, Mind Clearing that you can use on yourself and others for quieting, clearing and balancing the mind. The Mind Clearing technique can be used at any time and only takes approximately 10 minutes. An excellent technique to use before bed. This resource is another tool to add to your holistic alternative go too.

Kim Slaker’s Bio

My journey toward holistic health started in 1987 when my daughter was born with a disability. I searched alternative programs for her so we would not have to resort to medications. As she progressed, I became more and more interested in the different modalities of alternative treatments. In 2009 I became a Reiki Master in and in October 2016 I became a Healing Touch International Practitioner Apprentice. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Holistic Health Studies at St Catherine University in St Paul. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, and I use knitting as my meditative practice.


Coming Up Next-

The Journey Inward for Renewal - February 10th Retreat

Sunday February 10th 10-3pm The Journey Inward for Renewal
Cheri Bunker and I (Amy Vasterling) will guide you on a day of self-exploration, release and joy! We’ll be doing a variety of exercises so come open to the flow of the day and be ready to let go. We’ll explore and include what’s listed below. Don’t miss this opportunity to rejuvenate and renew!

-Guided meditation
-Power Animal/Spirit Guides Shamanic Journey
-Sound Healing
-Journeying inward - a playful way to loose sense of self
-Large Group Discussion
-Movement Exercise
-Drum playing bring your own or we’ll have plenty at the event.

This event will fill fast! Register today!

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Early Bird Discount until January 21st, 2019 Use Code: Early Bird 2

Cheri Bunker is a well connected drummer, a free spirit and delight who has decades of experience with drumming and many other holistic modalities. (Bio below)
Amy is a long time intuitive reader who helps people be themselves in a more innate to their nature way.

Cheri Bunker’s Bio

Cheri Bunker created her business Drum It Up! out of her love of the drum and the positive effect it has on all her clients and works with all populations specializing in memory care and disabled population.

Cheri Bunker has had over 20 years’ experience presenting and facilitating many different types of classes and programs and is a HealthRHYTHMS ® Endorsed Group Drumming Facilitator, Licensed Drums Alive Teacher, Sound Healing Facilitator, SoulCollage ® Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher ,Certified Aromatherapist and retired Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

Cheri has been a a presenter at several Integrative Medicine Conferences, The Juvenile Arthritis Conference, Lymphedema support groups, Occupational Therapy Conference, MADSA and MAPA conferences and numerous other conferences over the years and was part of the Integrative Wellness Steering Committee at Banner Health Hospital Systems.

She is a member of the Drum Circle Facilitator Guild (DCFG), American Society for Clinical Pathologists, International Aromatherapy and Herb Association, International Native American Flute Association, past Board President of the Women’s Drum Center, Sound Healers Association.

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Come be the explorer of your own life, join us at the retreat.