Sunday Gathering

Come rejuvenate, find wisdom within and share yours

A Gathering Sunday April 14th 9-Noon

Have you been looking for a place to gain inspiration that leaves you feeling filled up, gaining a foundation for your spiritual understanding and questioning the right things? If yes, I had you in mind! Over the past 3 years I’ve worked to create a monthly event that gives you perspective into yourself through shared experiences. Bring your journal and an open mind, this event is truly one of a kind by shaping to your needs to bring you a great place to connect with other spiritual seekers.

Here’s what’s planned for the first event:
-Meditation to center.
-20 minute reading about the current energy.
-20 minute Group Altruistic Support (“Lucky dog coaching” in the video below, we’ll have one person help us bring forward our wisdom to be shared with the group.)
-Personal journalling on a few questions about the core theme for the day.
-Small group discussion.
-Large group discussion.

All for only $30, unless you take advantage of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! Then it’s $25 until April 5th.

*You personally have a lot of wisdom! Because of this I’d like to have one person share a story from their life that highlights the core theme that came up with the current energy reading. Next if we have something to share with the Group Altruistic Support you’ll write it on a card and send it to be read. These might be ideas or words of support, it might be as simple as sharing what you heard the person say from your perception as you read between the lines. The idea is we share support in a collective way that is altruistic in nature.

Please join us for this event at Art Works Eagan 3795 Pilot Knob Rd Eagan, MN 55122

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Amy Vasterling | a long-time intuitive reader who teaches people how to trust themselves so they shine their brightest. Her passion is for public speaking, teaching about intuition and challenging the status quo based on the unique ways she sees life. Learn more

A Gathering Lunch 12:30-1:30pm
Additionally, I'll hold a "Gathering" lunch for those who desire. This event is free of charge, excluding your food and beverage. This is ideal for those who have come from out of town or anyone who desires to continue the conversation. We can talk about intuition, share your ideas and curiosities or ask questions on how I see things, I am a teacher come pick my brain! 
YOU MUST RSVP by April 12th texting me at 612-791-3001


Video Information about the Sunday Gathering