Spot Coaching

Get the help you need in an instant

What can you expect from a session with Amy?

We all have days in our business or life where we need help, support and information to move us to the next space of our life. If you have a situation that has left you stuck check out my list below of ways I can help:

-Can’t seem to figure out how to naturally market your business?
-Stuck in a parenting conundrum that won’t let up and want a permanent fix?
-Concerned about what move to make next and how?
-Want to see results in your business but feel like it just isn’t clear?
-Have a tricky relationship of any type where you need perspective?
-Need a professional to help you brainstorm tangible and focused ideas?
-Have a space or your computer that needs organizational support?
-Struggle to work from home and get what you need completed?
-Are you feeling a bit confused, stuck or even low and need perspective?

I can support topics like this and more and it’s reasonable so you can look to
this just as you need.