Intuitive Readings

One-on-one Readings 60 & 30 minute Phone Consultations

Are you looking for your way back to you? Frustrated by the patterns in your life you can't seem to change or worse yet escape? 

It's time for clarity, for guidance that gives you a peek into your truth shedding not only light on the situation but offering you tools to get the job done. I've helped thousands of people just like you all around the world gain insight into the most important thing in their life, them!

It's time you remembered who you are, knew how to take action to create the easiest most wonderful life you can have because that means you've knocked on the door of your truth and it opened! I want to see you to the pathway that leads to all doors opening in your life, to uncompromised and undeniable bliss! For some, one appointment might do it, for others, several sessions to catch them up to the speed of them will be what’s needed.

What can you expect from a session with Amy?

Likely a bit of laughter! Amy's down to earth nature will keep it a very human experience. She'll use her ability to read energy to tap into your truth and share what action steps to take to find your sweetest path. The information is shared in a positive, motivational way and Amy can only see what you are comfortable to share, this makes for no surprises. You will be amazed at how a mere stranger minutes before you start can make you feel like you've known her forever and even better share information there is no way she could know to help you get back to the life you want. Amy will help you open up to everything that you are and see yourself for certain through new perspective!  

All appointments are CST (Central Standard Time). For your convenience here is a time converter

All appointments are done over the phone and a recorded replay will be emailed to you after your session.

Here's what others are saying-

While working with Amy, you are in here for some heavy duty shifting. Amy touches upon your most vulnerable spots, but she does it with utmost ease and grace. She will give you insights that will shift your perception deeply and for greater good, something that is in alignment with your own truth and heart.

She will give you more information about your issues than you thought was available or possible. Truly, if intuition and perception has a name, Its Amy!

During my session with her, her energetic scan of my field was spot on and the way she brought all cues together, helped melt many doubts and confusions. It brought a secret smile to my heart and mind. Even in days after, it helped shift, shift and just shift. It is almost I can mentally go back to that session at any time and shift some more. Truly Quantum in nature. I witnessed a space, which is truly sacred and where I want to be, if I want to create- literally anything.

 More than her words, it was that space which brought the much sought healing. Thank you, Amy, and God bless

                               -Dr. Sindhu Singh, Oncologist - Peace Force on Earth Telesummit Host