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Connecting Spiritual concepts and bringing clarity

Workshop Options

1) "Tools of the heart" 1.5 hours  (Lecture/interactive) (Learn an innovative, effortless healing technique using only your heart field-great beginning spot to learn healing)
2) "Playing Ball-Learning to create healing energy to give or for yourself." 1.5 hours (Lecture/Interactive) (A starting point to energy healing using visualization & Intention)
3) "The Law of attraction" 1.5 hours (From basics to high end manifestation, learn about zero point, present/future, how to align yourself, synchronicity and more.)
4) Parenting - 3 simple concepts to raising empowered children. 30+ mins (Plus 1 hour Q&A) (Can include audio series I've created for parenting too at an extra charge)
5) How Relationships Shape You 1.5 hours (This workshop gives understanding to why relationships are the way they are right now and how to work with them.)
6) Journey of the "Wayfinder," understanding our current world, how it is changing and the part we each play. 30 min lecture. 1 hour Q&A/Discussion
7) You and your Intuition, a personal journey (or a spiritual puberty) 1.5 hours (Lecture/discussion)


A) "Clarity Journal" - Art Journal with 30 prompts (tiny lecture/instructions/choose an intent/small group reading  & time to create). (2 hours) + go home with a takeaway assignment that continues to give!
B) Intuitive Reading combined with creating vision board(s) based on the reading and where you can take that energy for you. (2.5 hours) A really cool expressive, while tangible event.