The Wisdom Circle

The best of the best to simply allow you to be you

This has had many iterations, I’ve gathered women in small in-person groups, online groups that spanned the world and watched what works and most importantly, observed what’s needed. I’ve been patient and listened over the last 7 months and what I’m offering is absolutely making me bubble with glee.

Wisdom Circles will include a quick physical release before we sit in meditation together. There will be gentle cues on how to meditate given through a video after you sign up for a wisdom circle event.

This even is for those who are looking to deepen their meditation practice and know the benefit of collective meditation. We’ll sit for 45 minutes in meditation, then have a silent rejoining of the group where the one who feels inspired will start our conversation. From there we’ll allow what does to unfold.

(Date TBA- aiming for once a month Wednesday at 7-9pm and cost will be $25)

If you feel inspired, join us!