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All 12 weeks of Audios & Exercises are right below-

1) Work at your own pace, the idea is 1 audio and 1 exercise are done per week. Join the Private Facebook page (Link above) to get extra support.

2) Each month of the three months you are welcome to join our "Action Day". From 11am-5pm CST We'll convene on my phone service every 90 minutes to touch base on the progress you've made with what you've chosen to work on for your Action Day. (Clean out closets, finally write that proposal, shore up a website, organize your art space, create lists to get you organized.) The sky is the limit! What can you achieve in just a few hours with support? You'd be surprised! (Each 3rd Thursday of every month).

3) Monthly Group Women's Lab calls. Held each 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1-2pm CST. Dial-in, bring questions, learn what's going on energetically so you can navigate it all while looking like the cool kid. 

4) Work on your modules and join the Facebook page. Post and ask questions out there as you go through these exercises. Don't be shy, speaking up is how you learn and grow. And? This is a safe space to do that work. 

Module 1: 

Personal Development Exercise 1:

Module 2:

Personal Development Exercise 2:

Module 3:

Personal Development Exercise 3:

Module 4:

Personal Development Exercise 4:

Module 5:

Personal Development Exercise 5:

Module 6:

Personal Development Exercise 6:

Module 7:

Personal Development Exercise 7:

Module 8:

Personal Development Exercise 8:

Module 9:

Personal Development Exercise 9:

Module 10:

Personal Development Exercise 10:

Module 11:

Personal Development Exercise 11:

Module 12:

Personal Development Exercise 12:

Personal Discovery Exercise #6 CLICK HERE


Personal Discovery Exercise #5 CLICK HERE

Personal Discovery Exercise #4 CLICK HERE

Personal Discovery Exercise #3 CLICK HERE

Personal Discovery Exercise #2 CLICK HERE

Personal Discovery Exercise #1  CLICK HERE

Small Group Call: Your facilitators will be in touch! Watch for an email.

Large Group Meetings: 4th Tuesday of every month

Dial-in information-
Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary Number: (612) 216-0918
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