The First Female US President

While this is not an Amy Answers article it is a blog post that I believe is information people want to know.

As you know I’m clairvoyant, for better or for worse, that’s what it is. About a bit over a year ago I was driving the car and I got an intuitive hit that our first female president would be hispanic. Then some 9 month later I was showering and voila, I saw this message about the first female president and asked why.

What I learned next made so much sense. The message was that African American and white women have taken a stand and made some headway but their ways have been done and in some cases were thrown out because they were either being like white men to deliver their message or being too passionate in an aggressive way about their cause.

However, the hispanic woman would bring emotion, power and delivery of her message in a new way that would in fact impact the people from a different angle.

That night my daughter piped up at the dinner table about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. While I am not certain it will be her, how she carries herself I believe is what we need. She is smart and asks all very simple questions to get to the root cause of so many wrong actions by our government when it comes to spending. She keeps it simple and asks good, direct questions to get to the truth, therefore the truth appears to be served back to her.

While there is a lot of upheaval in the media and it appears what I am saying might not feel true for you, what I am saying is I feel something good is on the horizon and it’s possible we can’t see that or fully understand that now and you know what? That’s completely ok.