One way to be kind to yourself, story of an HSC

When I was young, maybe about 8 years old I had some dolls and many, many stuffed animals. Then when I was 9 I got into barbies. As I looked back at my 9 years old self I thought how stupid it was that I played with dolls at 8 years old and put myself down for it.

As an adult I thought about that memory and realized I was being unfair to my age-appropriate behavior, after considering the other option of being gentle on myself, it was clear the answer was revealed in this statement, “I liked certain toys at certain times based on my interest, as I grow I can appreciate where I was before and where I am now.”

If we are critical, tease or say mean things to others about their likes and dislikes we sabotage our relationship as it’s likely they’ll now be guarded around us. Opening up to realize what might have been good then was good then and now it doesn’t fit but there is something new, which in time will be your something old too. Accepting where we are goes a long way in accepting who we are.

As an HSC accepting who you are is a little more of a steep climb without effective and understanding support. If you find you need help parenting your HSC, please reach out. It literally is very important to me these children succeed because they are the change-makers for our future and they consider everybody when making change. This is something I believe we need more of than anything else. You hold the key to their success, make it great!