Is it really bad? Lose the trauma and watch.........

Is it really bad? Lose the trauma and watch your life thrive………

My parents used to say to me that I will appreciate it more if I pay for some of it…..referring to my college education and many smaller things I wanted throughout my life. Where I didn’t always agree with my parents approach to the emotional, they had, particularly my mother, a great sense of how to create a responsible human being.

The reason I write this about my parents is this journey to awakening is difficult, in some ways if feels to me like “We’re paying for it.” However, if it were simple and easy we would not maybe feel motivated to shift and change at the great degree to which we need to shift and change. If you feel your life is up in the air, like you can’t figure out what decision to make, which way to go or with whom? It’s okay.

First, you are not alone and nothing is “WRONG with you!”

You are making strides for all of humanity to change. Did you realize that? Your personal struggle is sacrifice to shift the whole earth into turning this giant boat of humanity about so we step into our emotional, intuitive humanness.

Secondly you MUST learn to assert your power right now through being neutral. Meaning you assert yourself through good communication, your authentic emotional response (can be anger, etc) and fairness, however inside you hold the energy of neutrality. I’ve heard a lot of women referring to themselves as “being the bitch” lately. No, you are not a bitch, this is what society told you. If you assert yourself for your needs and desires you are wrong and a bitch. NO. Right now you are serving the world by acting on what you feel and SAYING IT. You do right by all women and all men who are working this shift. Keep going, keep doing it. 

How do you stay neutral? Remove judgment and feel your way through EVERYTHING. Even if what you feel is not something your head says is right, good, etc. Act on it. (It’s your turn to play Jesus….the good news is there is no cross involved.)

Can’t feel? Many of you on the journey cannot. I couldn’t feel for years, either. It is a dual problem. I can tell you it is trauma. Even if you can’t recall one thing that was traumatic in your life, it’s trauma. Don’t judge it instead go take care of it and see for yourself. See we can’t feel because our nervous system is overridden, making our limbic system work far too hard and exhausting us. (I’ll talk about addressing the trauma a few paragraphs down.)

The energy arcs of neutral have hit some “hilts” in the past 9-10 months. This means things are shifting out because we are doing the work and are meeting it. Push into your fear. Do it everyday, push into your fear. Remember what you are doing is shifting how our world operates. Look around our earth it is not functional. We are showing it how to be whole through us finding wholeness. It’s coming and you are changing this! Keep going! I’m rooting for each of you.

Lastly, if you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, are stressed and unsure why, have physical and emotional issues that cannot be explained I would say find a German Biological Medicine Clinic. I want to make a pitch for German Biological Medicine also called New German Medicine because it is the absolute front-runner for healing the body, mind and spirit. This method is the absolute most profound way to release trauma. Practitioners are scrutinized in the USA so it can be hard to find them. Call around and ask holistic clinics if they know anybody who does this work. There is a huge center in Wichita, KS called the Hansa Center who uses this method.

Don’t fight the energy.  In April I’ll be putting out a manifestation MP3 that talks about soul groups and how to manifest at the best times for you to dynamically shift into the energy of your truth forever. 

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