You've found me, now together let's find You.

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Ready to Thrive?

It was lost on me for years what was wrong with me. Once I realized what wasn't wrong something started to change. If you've felt different, didn't fit in and felt there was no reason you shouldn't fit in? You're part of my Glint. To learn what that means Sign Up here to receive my free ebook "What would you want with that? A "Quirkbook" for self-reflection and resetting your damn lineage." (Above)

I am here to support you to an empowered state. Women and a few men are my clients who have over the many years I've been reading energy learned countless ways to become authentically who they are. 

I help them find it themselves, through exploration, reading energy and understanding their wholeness from a perspective beyond human.

There is a code for living a spiritual life. However, there is not some master code for life. It is in embracing something unexpected that clinches our own master code, this reveals to us peace and expression of authenticity, which shifts us to fulfillment. And fulfillment is our goal when it comes to action in this human life. Magically love follows this as well, without effort. 

If you want a bit of that or all of that, peek through the services I offer. Psst. The theme you'll see there is it is about establishing our ability to have an emotional life, whether it be emotional bond or good boundaries with our boss at work. They both are equally important because they create one thing, connection and this my friend is what you've been looking for all your life. You are different and different is good, now come learn how different is AMAZING and how you too are AMAZING!


"Truly, if intuition and perception has a name, Its Amy Vasterling, the Intuitive Pathfinder!"  -Dr. Sindhu Singh


Intuitive Readings

These 30 or 60 minute one-on-ones will help affirm and give insight into how to most dynamically step forward and see your life with clear perspective. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Biggest Lunch Ever

This monthly live event includes participation from YOU. It's all about neutralizing the playing field so we realize we aren't alone. CLICK HERE to learn much more.

Clarity Session

If you like what you see on my website but don't know how I can best serve you, Select the Clarity Session from the dropdown above. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Open Yourself to a World, which in Truth is all Yours